Visiting the royal pink city? Wondering what are the best places to stay? Well, here is the list of best places to stay in Jaipur for tourists. 

Pink city’s location near the National capital and Agra, the city of Taj Mahal makes it a hotspot for tourists. While it is great to visit a place to give yourself a royal thrill, it is necessary to once pay attention to your stay options. 

Here is the list of best hotels in Jaipur where you can stay when in the city. These hotels may vary in their rates, thus to make it easier we have categorized them into two options i.e. luxury hotels and affordable hotels. 

Luxury Hotels

If you are in Jaipur, there are various options available for Luxury hotels. The pink city has marveled in its Rajputana style and has Royal, lavish Hotels like no other city. Jaipur also has brands of Hotels when it comes to staying in grand hotels. The luxurious chains of hotels in Jaipur can be a wonder for every heart. From ITC Rajputana to The Marriot, the city has got it all. 

Rambagh Palace

Credits: Tajhotels

The palace which was once a residence to the Maharaja of the city was built in 1835. It was later in the year 1957 converted into a plush hotel. Today The Rambagh Palace is known to be the best luxury hotel of Jaipur with the same royal feels of the city. The palace is grand and located in the heart of the city near the Albert Hall Museum making it easier for you to travel. The Rambagh Palace is one of the best places to stay in Jaipur for tourists. 

The Lalit Jaipur

The Lalit is another luxury hotel which comes under the best places to stay in Jaipur for tourists. Its location near the Airport has made the hotel ‘The Best Airport Hotel’. While its location around the city has made it popular, The Lalit has specialties like private Jharokha Dinners, Cultural Events which make it more well-received. 

Credits: The Lalit

ITC Rajputana 

If you want to feel the grandeur and royalty of Rajasthan, ITC Rajputana is one of the best hotels you may go with. Set up with luxuriant availabilities, the hotel also provides you the royal feeling which one has while visiting Jaipur. Considered the best in the business, ITC has set up its branch in Jaipur with the name ITC Rajputana. The name gives a clue as to what might this hotel look like. This hotel presents the old and ancient heritage looks of Jaipur where one can feel like a prince or princess on their own. The traditional wear of workers makes you feel like in a kingdom where you can sit feeling all the glories and achievements of the Rajput race.

Credits: ITC Rajputana

Jaipur Marriot Hotel

Another chain of luxurious hotels that keeps up to the name is Marriot. Located near the city center Marriott has always been known for its high standards in hospitality. Marriot comes with a sense that when you enter the place, all you can feel is hospitality taking minimum efforts to get your desire fulfilled and to get a sound and relaxing comfort on the journeys where fun can be tiring.

Credits: Jaipur Marriot

The Oberoi Rajvilas

The Oberoi Rajvilas is again a chain of luxury hotels. With private villas, artistic sessions of pottery, folk music, treasure hunt, etc. It becomes indispensable to leave this hotel when it comes to listing the best hotels to stay in Jaipur for tourists. Located on the outskirts of the city, it provides you a calm environment to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Credits: Oberoi Rajvilas

Jai Mahal Palace

Built in 1745, the hotel as once the residence of the prime ministers of the princely state. Today it has been converted into a luxury Taj Heritage Hotel and gives one of the best services. The beautiful landscaping, mesmerizing gardens add to the colors of this architectural edifice. Its location in the heart of the city makes it more profound and accessible to visitors. 

Credits: Taj hotels

Affordable Hotels

If you want a great experience but cannot afford the extravagant lifestyle of luxury hotels, there are tremendous options available in affordable hotels in Jaipur. These are the hotels that are small yet give you excellent services with a pocket saving budget.

Bella Casa

 Another name that defines accommodation, luxury and comfort all together. Located near the city center, this hotel defines the meaning of good looks with comfort. The rooms of Bella Casa are well accommodated with the latest of technologies and also with comfortable feather-like beds. The entrance itself is good and makes you wonder about the rooms. The swimming pool on the rooftop gives the final touch making it a dream place for everyone who wants to enjoy all of the luxuries at one place.

Credits: tripadvisor

Pearl Palace Heritage

Encompassing the vivid heritage of Rajasthan, the Pearl Palace Heritage is one of the finest boutique guest houses in the city. With great staff, rich Rajasthani culture, Rajputana architecture, the hotel gives you enough of a luxuriant feel of the Royal Pink City. The common passageways and spaces have been beautifully carved out to give you the feel of kingship. 

best places to stay in jaipur
Credits: Pearl Palace

Golden Tulip Hotel

The Golden Tulip Hotel offers you a magnificent lifestyle when you are here in Jaipur. From business trips to family vacations, all your trips can be destined to the Golden Tulip. Known for its modern architecture, heartwarming staff, Golden Tulip becomes one of the best hotels to stay in Jaipur for tourists. The hotel is located on the famous M.I. Road of the city which makes it accessible to other parts of the city easily. While you may visit the city during the day, you’d get a feeling of home when you come back to your room here. 

Places to stay in Jaipur
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Hotel Arya Niwas

 The name might not surprise you but when it comes to services in a low budget, you’d find Hotel Arya Niwas as one of the best places to stay in Jaipur for tourists. Being located near the Hindu Govind Devji temple, it gives you an astonishing view of Hindu culture. The morning bells of ‘Prabhat Aarti’ is what one needs when it comes to having a fresh start of a day. The Hotel Arya Niwas has comfortable rooms that are perfect for sleep. Also the hotel serves you the traditional Rajsthani Thali which is more than enough to fill your taste buds and stomach. 

Places to stay in Jaipur
Credits: Arya Niwas