The royal capital of Rajasthan envisages a beautiful holiday destination. Jaipur is a city that will give you adventure, pride, cultural and folk outlook as well as historical enlightenment. There are beautiful places like Amer fort, Nahargarh fort, city palace, Albert Hall, etc. to visit inside the city. But there are also amazing places to visit within 100 kilometers of Jaipur. 

While taking a tour to Jaipur, one must visit these places nearby to expand that holiday thrill. These places from their distance from the main city are as follows. 

  • Bagru Village- 30 kilometers
  • Samode Palace- 32 kilometers. 
  • Achrol Fort- 35 kilometers
  • Dausa- 57 kilometers
  • Bhangarh Fort- 85 kilometers
  • Tonk- 90 kilometers
  • Abhaneri- 93 kilometers
  • Sambher Lake- 96 kilometers
  • Kishangarh – 100 kilometers
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve– 107 kilometers

Bagru Village

Bagru- Places to visit near Jaipur
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Located in the proximity of 30 kilometers, the village of Bagru is not known for its aesthetic buildings or royal palaces. Rather, Bagru is famous across the world for its wooden block printing. The people who are interested in art must visit this place to have a look at this ethnic style of printing.

Even today, the printing is done in the same manner as it was done centuries ago. The dyes are made from clay, turmeric, indigo and pomegranate. Even after the modernization in the textile industry, the people of Bagru have not forgotten their age-old craft and follow their tradition the same way.

If you really want to explore places near Jaipur, Bagru should be placed in the first position in places to visit within 100 kilometers of Jaipur. 


Samode- Places to visit near Jaipur
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Located near Chomu, Samode is known for the Samode Palace and Samode Bagh. The palace of Samode was built initially as a Rajput fort in the sixteenth century. Later it was converted into a palace in the early nineteenth century. The palace is exclusive and discreet, serving as a magnificent artifact. Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, the beauty of the palace is unbelievable. It is even delightful for recreational purposes.

The Samode Bagh is a 250 years old Graden which was built for the pleasure of the royal family. The garden is spread in 200 acres and is beautifully maintained all across. The garden brings you to heaven and gives that soothing peace to the soul within. Samode is one place to visit within 100 kilometers of Jaipur if you want to observe the intricacies of royal architecture. 

Achrol Fort 

Achrol Fort
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 Located on the Delhi-Agra National Highway, Achrol fort must have served as a barricade to the intruders during its initial times. Today this fort stands as an old ruin depicting the old times. As it is not much visited, the fort is quiet and one can actually hear birds chirping inside the fort. Built by the Kachchwa rulers, this fort stands today as a historic remembrance and a fun place to explore within 100 kilometers of Jaipur. 


Dausa- Places to visit near Jaipur
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Located in the Dhundhar region of Rajasthan, Dausa is a prominent place to visit within 100 kilometers of Rajasthan. Dausa once held a very important political position in the state and even continues to be the same. While visiting Dausa, one should never miss the folk music and dance of the place.

Dausa is known for its amazing food and the old ruins of the city take you centuries back. Dausa is also known for its Camel Safaris and The special Dolchi Holi festival during Holi. What should not be forgotten are the camel polo races which you would not find anywhere across. Dausa is a good place to visit if you are in Jaipur and plan to look around the other nooks of the state nearby. 

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort
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Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, this fort is not known because of its beauty but eeriness. Tagged as the Most Haunted Place of India, Bhangarh has its own haunted history. Built in the year 1573 by Raja Bhagwant Singh. The story goes back to the old times. Princess Ratnavati, the daughter of Chatr Singh was known for her beauty. A Tantrik in the efforts of wooing her made a perfume that would enchant Ratnavati and make her fall in love with him. Ratnavati, when came to knew about this plan, threw the perfume which became a boulder that crushed the Tantrik. The Tantrik before dying cursed everyone and Ratnavati died the following year.

They say that the Tantrik’s soul still haunts the fort. There have been incidents that prove the fact. It is prohibited to visit the fort after 5 pm. Thus, this is an interesting place to visit within 100 kilometers of Jaipur to set the adrenaline high in your veins. 


Tonk- places to visit near Jaipur
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Known as “ The Lucknow of Rajasthan”, Tonk is a town of Nawabs. This place was once ruled by the Pathans of Afghanistan. This elegant town is known for its Mughal architecture and old Havelis and mosques. Formerly a princely state, Tonk became a part of Rajasthan in the year of 1948. The Nawab of Tonk was very fond of literature thus attributing to a large library of Persian and Arabic manuscripts. Tonk is also the home town of the famous romantic poet Akhtar Sheerani.

While one may visit the Sunehri Kothi to explore marvelous architecture, the poetry lovers can visit The Arabic and Persian Research Institute. The Bisalpur Dam is another picnic spot which you can visit when in the town. Jama Masjid bestows the best Mughal Architecture and is one of the largest mosques of India. Tonk is a delight to visit and explore the nooks around Jaipur. 


Abhaneri- Places to visit near Jaipur
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The Chand Baori of Abhaneri Village is the oldest tourist attraction of Rajasthan. It was built in the ninth century by King Chanda. Chand Baori is one of the largest step wells in the world. It was built with the purpose to store water for the inhabitants in the scorching summers of the dessert. This stepwell is an amazing architectural wonder with 3,500 perfectly symmetrical narrow steps.

The Baori gets narrower as one goes down. There are intricate designs on the balconies and Jharokhas built for the Royal family in a three-story pavilion built on the fourth side. Chand Baori is a must-visit place within 100 km of Jaipur. This place holds a wonder hidden from the world and can add to your royal experience of architectural marvel. 

Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake
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The word Sambhar means salt. This lake has legends related to it from the age of Mahabharata. It is said that the goddess Shakambhari bestowed this lake on the people of the area. Sambhar lake was initially used by the Rajputs, Mughals, Sindhis, Marathas to extract salt. The lake is now operated by the government of Rajasthan for salt extraction.

What invites you to visit this lake is that it is the largest saltwater lake in Rajasthan. The lake is the home to Flamingos which makes one think of visiting the place once. Although the water is too saline for many species, you would still find many beautiful birds around this beautiful lake.



Built in 1649 by Raja Swaroop Singh, Kishangarh today is a beautiful city in the district of Ajmer. The city beholds great Rajput architectural marvels and enthralling spots to visit. The Kishangarh fort embodies a perfect mixture of Rajput and Mughal Architecture.

It is situated on a road which directly links it to Pakistan. The fort is beautiful and not much visited as compared to other places which makes it even better. One can feel the royal enchantment of the fort while visiting it. The Sukh Sagar lake, Gondav lake are the lakes that can be visited during the evening hours to make one feel fresh and cheerful. This is another place within 100 kilometers of Jaipur which should be visited by you. 

 Sariska Tiger Resereve

Sariska Tiger Reserve
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Spread across 8380 km2 of an area of Alwar district, Sariska Tiger Reserve should never be missed by you while visiting Rajasthan. In the dry deciduous forest and in the lap of Aravali hills, Sariska is a beautiful place to visit. However, you will not only see tigers but also a variety of animals like wild boar, macaque. There is also a huge variety of birds that are found in the reserve. You can take a jeep safari and spot all these exotic animals and tigers to make your day worth. Also, the Neelkanth temple can  be visited. It is again an old edifice from the sixth century. A visit to this place is necessary to make your Rajasthan Visit worth. 

So, these were some of the best places near Jaipur that can be visited while visiting Jaipur. The city is itself a pleasure to visit but exploring these places after your tour to Jaipur would add colors to your Travel Diaries.