To invest in real estate one should know about it very profoundly. Real estate can be
explained as property consisting of land and the buildings on it. It may have the natural
resources on it such as crops, trees etc. But the main investment is made into the real material
that is buildings or plots majorly.
Buying and owning a real estate property can be a good investment strategy if you’re well
versed in the business tactics of the practice. Before investing into real estate one should be
very familiar with some real estate vocabulary which comprises of words like plot, mortgage,
appreciation, depreciation, lease and rent.
To invest in real estate one should be familiarised with all the categories of the investments.
Various options available to invest into properties are:-
 PLOTS-The first option with which you can go is plot. Plots are generally a good
investment strategy as their appreciation is quite good and they can bring you a good
return in limited amount of time.
 INDIVIDUAL HOUSES- Second option which can be considered is of individual
houses. You can invest in individual houses according to your budget. The house can
be big or small according to you. You can now convert this house into a P.G. or a
service department or put the house on lease or rent. This will not only save the
property for you but also add on to your monthly income.
 APARTMENTS- Another good option for investment can be apartments. In today’s
world the apartment or flat system has become a very trendy as well as an economical
 COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES- The next option available to you is commercial
properties. Commercial properties can be shops or offices. They can be set up
individually or may be available in complex or a market. The investment made in
commercial properties can be more profiting as you can always get more rent or
revenue from these as compared to the former options.
These are various good options available to invest into real estate but this is not enough.
While investing into real estate one should know about the condition of the area and the
major trends in the sector while investing. Today the best options available to invest in
properties are plots and apartments as the former is known to bring good returns while the
latter gives you monthly extra income and leisure living comforts.
When you’re investing in Jaipur, various good options are available with multiple proxies.
Therefore one should invest very carefully. While investing in plots , you should be careful
about the size and area of the plot, its location and the opportunity of development. We
provide you with the best options available in Jaipur. Shanti Enclave being situated on the
prime location of NH-8 with the plot size of 100/300 sq.yrd. with JDA approval is one good

option available to the investors. With 40 acres of approved land and 100/350 sq.yrds plot
size Green Acres is another variant which can be considered as a great alternative. Both the
properties are located in upcoming city i.e. NH-8 highway which can provide the buyers a
huge appreciation.
Apartments are the new generation investments. While giving you lavish, secure homes,
apartments can also be a great venture. Few things to keep in mind while putting into
apartments are the location, its accessibility and the neighbourhood. Some good options
available to you for investing into apartments are BONY DREAMS APARTMENTS
located near Jaipur Airport and Sanganer Railway Station. They provide you perfect and
precisely planned 2 and 3 BHK apartments with excellent leisure facilities like 24*7 security,
CCTV cameras, Mini theatre space and rooftop jogging track. Another viable option
available to you is Shree Govindam Apartments which provide you a prime location of
Vaishali Nagar which is heart of the city. The flats are available to you in lavish sizes of 718
to 1180 sq.ft. Area.
To conclude real estate has always been a good investment strategy but one should invest into
this sector after a very keen observation and inspection. Investing in Jaipur can be a very
successful venture because the city is heading towards its economical boom. This is because
the city already exhibits a high growth rate looking at the fast development of areas around it.