Jaipur city is known for its ecstatic beauty and royal architecture. Its ethnicity is known worldwide. What adds brilliant colors to the city are its heritage sites.

The Royal Pink City of India is a great tourist attraction not only to unfold the princely experience of the city but also to a harbor to splendid night places to visit. The city not only offers you a great clubbing experience but also vivid places to the nocturnal creature in you.

There are varied options for night places to visit in Jaipur but there are some which should never be missed.

There are various forts and palaces to visit during the day but some cultural heritages to visit during the night in Jaipur are-

Nahargarh Fort

While being in Jaipur if you miss the sunset or sunrise of Nahargarh fort which is situated on top of a hill giving you an entire view of the royal city, you’ve missed a lot. Once the fort fortified the city securing it from intruders but today it serves the best purpose for hangout with your friends and a perfect night place to visit.

Nahargarh Night Places to Visit in Jaipur
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Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal although closes after 5 pm but you can sit in front of this splendid architectural edifice in the rooftop cafes situated right in front of it. The Windview cafe or the Tattoo Cafe are some of the perfect picturesque locations for photography and selfie lovers.

 Chokhi Dhani

If you want a mini-tour to the cultural manifesto of Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani is never to miss the place. The cultural Resort would add up colors to your nightlife in Jaipur by adding ethnic and folk colors. Not only you get to taste amazing Rajasthani food but can also witness remarkable folk dance, music, puppet show and various games.

Chokhi Dhani

Some outdoor night places of Jaipur which ought not to be missed are-

Jawahar Circle Garden

The biggest circle in Asia has an amazing nightlife for your friends to hang out. While one can get amazing pictures clicked at the Patrika Gate, one can even view the magnificent musical fountain. There is also a great variety of street food on which you can munch.

Statue Circle

The circle is a prominent landmark in the history of the city and today’s era, one of the brightest night places to visit in Jaipur. You can hang out with your friends, eat the delicacies available around and have an amazing moonlight view of the city. The place is calm as well as bright at the same time.

Night places to visit in Jaipur
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S.F.S. Route

If you want to experience an amazing hangout chill drive or a bike ride with friends or a romantic long drive with your love, the S.F.S. area of Mansarovar is the perfect zone. You can have amazing chai, sit and chill outside cafes.

If you are a foodaholic and want to satisfy your midnight cravings, here are the best places to visit during the night in Jaipur and satisfy your taste buds.

Gulab Ji Chai Wale

Craving for an early 5 a.m. chai? The famous Gulab Ji chai wale is famous for its amazing milk tea and other varieties.

Masala Chowk

This place gathers all the delicacies of the city and serves you the best in one place. Situated near the famous Albert Hall, Masala Chowk is a food court providing the best of Jaipur to you even during the night. It can provide you with the best dining options available in Jaipur in one place if you’re not interested in roaming and searching for the specialties.

Night places to visit in Jaipur
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Muhammadi Palace

This place is a treat to all the non-veg lovers. Situated in the heart of the city, Chandpol, Muhammadi is famous for its non-vegetarian delight. If your taste buds crave a chicken delight even midnight, Muhammadi is the key.

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Other than these the night places to visit, Jaipur also consists of restaurants and clubs. While you may have an amazing clubbing experience in clubs like PLAYBOY, the beautiful cafes with exuberant architecture, mouth-watering delicacies and perfect ambiance are must-visit places if you ever want to enjoy the nightlife of Jaipur.

There are several options available for cafes, restaurants, kitchens, and bars but some of the best options are-


The scenic beauty of the restaurant corner is amazing. The water flowing around you soothes your soul. Food and services are exuberant and prove to be one of the best restaurants in the city.

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If you are a live music lover, this place just serves the purpose, the rooftop lounge offers you amazing food with various artists performing live. The blue setting can just be your perfect place for a get-together or even a little date.

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The Night Jar

Are you a nature lover? The Night Jar is one of the fanciest and most unique place around the city. With plants hanging all around and above you, it can be an exuberant experience for a dendrophile. The cafe offers not only offers you a great ambiance but also provides great services. 


Bar Palladio

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance and Mughal Architecture, the Bar Palladio is one of the finest Italian Dining in Jaipur. The architecture is jaw-dropping as well as the dishes served work as a cherry on the top. You’d find the best Italian cuisines made with the best ingredients.

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DOJO by Arisan Food Factory

If you are a sushi lover, DOJO would be your life savior. While most of the restaurants serve Italian, continental and Chinese food, The Dojo is an exclusively Japanese Dine out. If you ever visit the place, the chef’s special sushi is never-to-miss-out a thing.


If you are a clubbing freak, these are the best clubbing places of Jaipur to just set your mood



This famous chain of nightclubs has established itself well in the city of Jaipur as well. The music just sets right in and you get all the young crowd of Jaipur here energized and ready to shake their legs.


Club Naila

What makes NAILA different from other clubs is its architecture. The club is set in a heritage property which makes it lavish giving you an entire royal feeling.


The Blackout of Jaipur is known for its perfect ambiance and great music. The D.J. sets your mood right and you can see all the young people of the city hanging around.

So, these are some best places to be visited during the night in Jaipur, while you may get a better clubbing experience at other places but the cultural, ethnic and royal nightlife like Jaipur can be seen nowhere. While visiting the city, a night tour would just add colors to your Travel Experience.