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Real Estate and Jaipur

If we are talking about the development in India then Jaipur city name came in every mind. Because it’s near to Capital of India and real estate companies working in Jaipur.

Enhancing with enormous speed and implementation of growth strategies is taking the city to another level. In terms of employment opportunities, Mahindra SEZ is one of the major contributors. Become an IT hub and big companies like WIPRO, Phone support, GENPACT, and Mahindra World City etc are placing their operations in Jaipur.

As the city is equipped with Top brands, Malls, Movie complexes, and fun hang out places, it’s growing if we talk about entertainment in the city. By providing high standards in infrastructural development Top builders like Manglam Build Developers, Ashiana, Vatika Infotech has taken the real estate market to a very higher level.

We can easily analyze the profit and increased value of a location by comparing the growth of location from past 10 years.Today the residential projects have been made more alluring by builders using and developing various technologies so its the best time to invest in real estate market. To give people the Special feeling of living in a hotel concept of Luxury apartments, Penthouses, Special amenities,  Clubhouses have been used.

With the increasing demand in the industrial real estate sector is not going to recover; in fact, it is just going to get sharper. As of today only about 30% -35% are currently living in the cities and as per our research, this 30%-35%  is going to increase by 7%-8% in the near future, which will again create a hike in the sector.

For the rise in real estate in Jaipur these are the major factors listed below:-

Development in Infrastructure:-

Jaipur is going higher in terms of infrastructure, there are many bridges which are under construction or already operational to divert the traffic and reduces the traveling time, there is expressway construction which is in pipeline. the approachability and accessibility of the city have been raised by the National Expressway by higher speeds. Because of all these facilities and development in Jaipur forces  Investors to buy flats and plots in Jaipur. Investors are always in search of opportunities to buy flats and plots in Jaipur.

Opportunities for Youth:

Jaipur has been nearly located to National capital Delhi is slowly developing as a hub for various Multi National Companies to start their operations. Multinationals are already operational and keep on hiring youth and professionals. Mahindra SEZ is full of corporate companies which give growth to people. Adding on to the advantage that Jaipur’s outskirts like Mahapura are also now developing as there are more opportunities to work because of the same, people want to live there. As per the analysis, the real estate sector has been affected in a very positive way by the increasing IT companies and other opportunities. The real estate sector has been affected directly by the city becomes developed and demanding because of education and job opportunities than people automatically want to shift or desire to have accommodation or invest in commercial property in Jaipur.



In spite of the depreciation endured in the metro cities, Jaipur has experienced an appreciation in the real estate industry.


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